HO HO HO Holiday Gifts for Your Cannabis Lover

Buying holiday gifts for the stoner in your life has never been easier (or cheaper)

The holidays are quickly approaching, but have you already checked off everyone from your shopping list? If your cannabis lover(s) remains unchecked, this nifty guide should help you in selecting the perfect gift for Christmas, Kwanza, Yule or any other holiday you celebrate with your friend or family member.

Aunt Sandy’s Medical Marijuana Cookbook

Whether your loved one uses marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes, this is the book to have if they want to create their own edibles. In the book, your loved one will learn all about infusing oils to cook with pot to make not only the typical sweet treats that you regularly associate with weed, but some common comfort foods that are even more comforting with the presence of the ganja! From Buffalo wings to everyone’s favorite, macaroni and cheese, this book will teach exactly how to make the best pot-infused dishes.

The Stoner’s Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are on lots of people’s wish lists this year, but did you know that you can order your friend or family member a coloring book made especially for stoners? It’s got over 40 highly imaginative illustrations that are ripe for coloring—especially while stoned. There are fanciful pictures of penguins wearing sunglasses and grinning yogis to color, giving your favorite stoner hours of fun throughout the season.

Fast Green Hand Clean

If you have overheard your friend complaining about how hard it is to get sticky resin off their stuff (or even themselves), Fast Green Hand Clean from Hazel Parker needs to go in his or her stocking stat. Not only is the substance all-natural, it has been safely tested and proven to remove resin without any harmful effects. It’s also great at removing gum, tree sap, and even roof cement safely! Each bottle contains 1,000 sprays and does not require use with soap and water for effectiveness. 

Bamboo Rolling Boards

Sure, you’ve got friends who roll joints right on the table, but you know that they can do better. That’s why they should get a bamboo rolling board from Rolla. Not only is it made from 100% organic bamboo to ensure both safety and freshness, but they also have space to contain your friend’s rolling papers, grinder and other necessities. They have a variety of boards to choose from and you can even order a shredder in your friend’s favorite color to complete the set.

Pot-Themed Cookie Cutters

Just in time for holiday baking, you can give your buddies some pot leaf-shaped cookie cutters for a memorable gift that they can use and reuse at any time. Choose between a bong, a leaf or a mini leaf, or you can order the entire set, which comes with some bonus free stickers.

Hemp-Infused Topicals

Whether your friend is a lotion lover or just loves to try new bath and body products, try something infused with hemp this year. Little Homestead Farm makes their own cannabis-infused soap, but you could make your own or ask your favorite budtender for recommendations.