Green Haven - Strawberry Cream

Strain: Strawberry Cream - Indica Hybrid

Grower/ Store: Green Haven / American Mary’s

Potency analysis: THC: 1.42% | THCA: 29.24% | CBD: .09% | CBDA: .08% | Total: 27.22364%

Green Haven is a brand that always brings their A game, and that is no different with this strain. You can visibly see the time and care put into these buds just by looking at the gorgeous, plentiful crystal-like trichomes and consistent trimming throughout.

Strawberry Cream is a lovely indica hybrid strain with a light fruity aroma and soft vanilla undertones. It provides a relaxing and mood-lifting high, but not couch-locking by any means. This is a great strain for unwinding on a dreary autumn night.