(Colorado) Pot Nursery Profile: Good Chemistry

Colorados Good Chemistry is a GREAT legal weedx business.
Whether you are interested in flowers, concentrates or other ganja products, Good Chemistry is a great place to check out in Aurora. Good Chemistry takes its production quite seriously. “Bringing the finest cannabis into the world is a labor of love and exceptional skill,” the company insists. “It requires dedication, heart, long experience and a fanatical attention to detail. And a relationship to these remarkable and varied plants so deep and respectful that we happily recognize that we need them just as much as they need us.”

At Good Chemistry, plants are grown within an “ideal union between passion and science.” The company maintains that you just can’t throw light, water and nutrients at the plants and grow quality products. That is because cannabis is different from other crops that are grown for sale. It requires not only experience but a deep commitment to nurturing thousands of flowers into potent, quality buds, and Good Chemistry ensures that their team includes individuals with over 20 years of committed experience.

The Good Chemistry Difference
What sets Good Chemistry apart from other growers and sellers? The company is known for honoring the ancient qualities of pot while incorporating modern techniques and cultivation tactics into their products to provide customers with the most quality, respected products with the most innovative cultivation and curing methods available through modern technology. They utilize climate control, careful trimming and attentive practices to surround themselves with the bright colors and crystalline resin glands of cannabis in order to provide their customers with the finest products available. 

Good Chemistry Menu
Some varieties that Good Chemistry carries include Lemon Skunk, LA Cheese, Hindu Kush, Green Ape and Earth Star. The nursery carries over 60 products, with flowers and concentrates grown right at the company’s nursery. Some concentrates made at Good Chemistry include Cold Water Cash, Dry Sift and Rosin. Additional products, like topical and edibles, are also available as sold in the company’s shops. 

The shop does carry pre-rolled joints for those interested as well as fun edibles. Some favorite edibles that the shop carries include Blue Kudu products, Dixie Awakening mints, Colorado Cannabis Company Capsules and other varieties. Peach gummies from WANA are sold there, as are sour gummies. The shop also has Pure CBD Cheeba Chews for those craving a strong effect.

News and Events
The Good Chemistry Company keeps a blog to ensure that customers are always up-to-date on their latest information. From awards and charity events to specials and company movement into new territories—such as its recent branching into Nevada—you can find all of the latest company updates at the blog. The company’s inclusion in the HERB.CO list of 10 Gorgeous Dispensaries to Visit is also linked from the blog.

Store Hours and Location
16840 East Iliff Avenue
Aurora, CO 80013
(303) 745-2420

M–F: 8am-9:45pm
Sat: 8am-9:45pm
Sun: 8am-9:45pm

Holiday Hours
Thanksgiving 8am-3pm
Dec.2nd close at 7pm
Christmas Eve 8am-8pm
Christmas Day 11am-5pm
NYE 8am-8pm
NYE Day 12am-9:45pm