Famous People Arrested for Possession

David Bowie enjoyed marijuana in the 70's. Now he might be enjoying in his 70's.

They may not stay in jail for long—if at all—but plenty of celebs you know (and maybe even admire) have been busted at some point or another for possessing pot. As we all know, possessing pot is one of the most ridiculous offenses on the books, especially given that alcohol and cigarettes cause so much more harm than weed while they remain fully legal (with some exceptions). New laws that render pot possession and use legal in some states but not others are to be celebrated in the states issuing the new freedoms, but they also further the injustice regarding use state by state. Why does a person in one state get charged with a felony and another with a misdemeanor while in yet a third state the person could simply visit a dispensary without legal ramifications?

Until the laws all catch up with the times, we will continue to have people arrested for the possession, use and sale of marijuana. Celebrities are among them. Here are a few famous people who were arrested for possession.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop is one of the most beloved advocates of weed alive. Not only has the man sung about the virtues of weed, but he’s even gone on video to speak up for its legality. He has been arrested twice for possessing pot. The first incident occurred in Los Angeles in 1998. He only received a citation on that occasion. Just three years later, in 2001, Snoop was fined $250 after he pled no contest to having 200 grams on his tour bus while in Cleveland. Snoop is one of those weed aficionados here to stay and fans of both the rapper’s work and his advocacy will always be grateful for him.


OK, his name wasn’t really Gilligan. It was Bob Denver. But anyone who hears the name Gilligan knows who that name refers to. The goofy titular character from Gilligan’s Island went through a marijuana arrest back in 1998 for just two ounces of weed. He’d had the pot delivered to his home, which may not have been the brightest idea. An arrest for two ounces seems like such a waste of taxpayer time and money.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

1998 seems like it was a terrible year for celebrities getting caught with their pot. Basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was arrested for marijuana possession that year after he was caught with a tiny bit of the drug at the airport. (The airport, really? How cliché.) Then he was arrested again for driving under the influence of pot in 2000. He paid the fines for his arrest and maintained that the use of the drug was strictly for assisting with the nausea that accompanied his migraines, which is definitely one of the many benefits that pot can have.

Mick Jagger

Back in 1970, Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger went to court to deny his charges of possessing marijuana resin alongside his girlfriend at the time, Marianne Faithfull. While Faithfull escaped the conviction, Jagger was fined £200 with 50 guineas costs for possession.

David Bowie

When singer David Bowie was arrested for marijuana possession back in 1976, he had enough on him for plenty of friends—half a pound, in fact. While the Goblin King should have faced a minimum of 15 years under the law at the time for that amount of weed, he was able to have his charges lifted and walk away without jail time.

Matthew McConaughey

The strangest story in this list may be that of McConaughey. The actor was dancing naked and playing bongo drums, so his neighbors put in a tip that he was high to the cops in 1999, leading to his arrest.