A Quick Guide to Recreational Weed in Colorado

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Legal Marijuana in Colorado: An Overview

Per Colorado Amendment 64, passed in 2012, and further legislation in 2014, legalization of marijuana in Colorado is now enjoyed by both citizens and tourists alike. From flowers to pot-infused gummy bears, Colorado features a vast array of pot products for sale. Even with this smorgasboard to choose from, you still need to be aware of the laws and regulations regarding marijuana use before you grow, buy or sell in the state. Check out the following information before you make a decision.

Buying and Using Marijuana in Colorado

Sellers of marijuana in Colorado have to be licensed in order to sell. It is always a good idea to research your source before you buy for your own protection. Ask your seller to show you his or her credentials and make sure they are legitimate.

You have to be 21 years old or older in order to purchase pot in Colorado. You can have up to an ounce of flowers, but you can have other products as well. Be ready to show your government issued ID card to make your purchase. It is also a good idea to bring cash just in case your store does not accept debit cards.

Be sure to use your marijuana safely and responsibly. Since Colorado became the first state to legalize the drug in 2014, the number of emergency room visits related to irresponsible pot use has increased. Almost 1 out of every 1,000 emergency room visits are now related to marijuana use, resulting in an overall 30% increase. Cases of hospitalization regarding marijuana use have also increased. However, some of these individuals may now be reporting incidents after previously “toughing out” any injuries or illnesses due to the legalization and reduction of social stigma around the drug.

Marijuana use is prohibited in most public places in Colorado, so your safest place to use it is in on your own property.

Taking or sending pot over the state line remains prohibited due to the varying laws in different states regarding the drug. It also remains a crime to drive under the influence of marijuana or to sell it without a license. It is also still a crime to sell to minors. To avoid any problems with the legal system, it is best to follow the law while you legally use your marijuana.

Not all strains are available at all shops. In fact, there are so many strains that it would be impossible to get every single one at one dispensary. Call your dispensary to find out if they carry a certain strain before you make a trip.

Punishments for violating the law vary, but most offenses result in a fine. Large offenses may include incarceration.

Fast Facts

Marijuana arrests in Colorado are down since the drug became legalized by almost half. There have been 46% fewer arrests made following decriminalization.

Only 9% of marijuana users become dependent on the drug.

The price of marijuana in Colorado has slightly decreased in the last year. Prices for an 1/8 ounce range from $27 t $60 depending upon the strain purchased and the store where the marijuana is being sold.

The legal limit for driving with pot in your system in Colorado is 5 Nanograms/mL of blood.

A slight decrease in the number of pot-related DUIs has occurred.

Almost half of the population has tried marijuana at some point. 42% of Americans report having tried it.

The hops found in beer are in the same marijuana plant family.

Most studies support the theory that marijuana is less harmful than tobacco and alcohol.

Rates of pot use among teens in Colorado remain unchanged since the drug was legalized. Rates of teen use of marijuana are actually dropping across the country as more states decriminalize use.

Marijuana still remains the most commonly used drug in the United States.

While you can only have one ounce of THC on you per law, Colorado allows you to possess other forms of pot, such as Cannabis seeds, edible and concentrated forms.

Both residents and tourists in Colorado can legally buy up to 28 grams of weed per transaction. This can be mixed or matched between flowers, edibles and concentrated products.

Having more than 1-2 ounces of pot on your person will not result in jail time. The fine for possession at this level is $100.

It is not considered a felony unless you have 12 ounces of pot or more, which results in 1-2 years of incarceration and $100,000 in fees.

The cost of marijuana in Colorado ranges from $15-$25/gram before taxes.

Colorado was the first state to sell recreational marijuana legally.

Studies show that using marijuana to dull pain may work better for women than men.

Colorado laws do not negate federal laws, which mean that individuals may still be prosecuted by the federal government.

The oldest written reference to pot is believed to be in 2727 B.C., when Chinese Emperor Shen Nung supposedly used it for medical reasons.

Using marijuana in national parks, national forests, monuments and other government properties is considered a federal offense. Coloradans remind tourists that some ski resorts are part of these protected lands, so use extra caution and do your research before using pot during your vacation.

Marijuana fibers are an important part of textile production and have been used in everything from rope to checkbook covers to clothing.

Some pet owners have used pot to treat medical conditions in their pets, but experts recommend not doing this since it can be harmful to animals in certain doses.

Pot Tourism

Did you know that there are companies such as Kush Tourism and Rent a Vape that provide travel opportunities that use pot as their central theme? Excursions vary widely and offer something for everyone. Cooks can take cooking classes with marijuana included as a focal point and botanists may be interested in touring pot farms. Pot tourism often includes visiting dispensaries and receiving discounts as part of the tour, too. Nonsmokers often enjoy these trips as much as smokers do since they get to learn about the local culture in the process.

Medical Marijuana

Applicants for a medical marijuana card in Colorado will soon be able to complete their paperwork online. The technology is scheduled to be released by January of 2017. In Colorado, patients must mail in their paperwork on their own. Physicians are not allowed to submit their patients’ applications, but they are required to certify that the patient does qualify for medicinal marijuana. Fees should be included when mailing in the request, which should be sent via certified mail. Only Colorado residents may apply for a card.

Selling Marijuana

In order to sell marijuana in Colorado, you must obtain a license. In places like Denver, you must obtain a license from both the city and the state. Otherwise, you should develop a business plan and begin as an entrepreneur as you would with any other industry. Be sure to keep abreast of new laws as they develop and remain compliant with current city and state regulations.