(WASHINGTON) Pot Shop Profile: American Mary Recreational

Seattle, WA's own American Mary is serving up some pretty great weed.

According to American Mary, the shop is “Seattle’s number one recreational marijuana dispensary. Browse our menu of over 45 strains of premier cannabis flowers, joints, concentrates, and edibles. And be sure to check out our wide selection of new glass, grinders, and vapes.” The shop features a number of rotating specials and competitive prices for new and old customers alike. Knowledgeable staff is on hand to answer any questions, recommend different types of products and help you understand both what you are buying as well as its effects. The shop also features free parking.


Some of the buds that you will be likely to find at American Mary Recreational include hybrids like Dragon, Cherry Blossom and Cookie Wreck. Indicas like Cherry Pie and Kimbo Kush are also available. Be sure to call before going if you are in the market for a specific strain, or you can just visit to browse and try something new.

Concentrates at the shop range from Bubblegum to Double Lemon Cheesecake to Afghan Hash. There are variety packs of prerolls as well as flavors like Tahoma Time Bomb, Sour Apple and Galactic Glue. Some topical products that you can find at American Mary include sensual oils, muscle melts, and various lotions. Edibles range from capsules to chocolates, brownies to cookies, syrups to tinctures, lemonades and other goodies. Like any shop, you’ll also find gear at American Mary. Some of it may include lighters, dishes, adapters, sniff jars and papers.

Weekly Specials

On Minnie Mondays, if you purchase an eighth, you can get a mini pre-roll special. You must inquire about the special in order to redeem the offer.  During CO2 Tuesdays, you can get 10% off all of the CO2 oils or top shelf 3.5 g’s. There is 10% off all wax products on Wax Wednesdays, 10% off all day on Thursdays for women on “Ladies’ Night,” and on Fridays all edibles that are at least 100mg are 10% off. All grams of wax are 10% off on Saturday Shatterday and Sundays, which are known as Super Bowl Sundays, all purchases over $100 receive a top shelf gram bundled with their order.

Some specials also run on a daily basis. A gram of wax is $30 every day while quarters run for $50 every day.

Location and Hours

American Mary is open seven days a week. On Sunday through Tuesday the shop is open 11 AM to 9 PM and on Wednesday through Saturday it is open 11 AM to 10 PM.

The store’s number is 206-547-7833. It is located at:

321 NE 45th St.

Seattle, WA


American Mary rates an average of 4.7 stars on Leafly. User franklinrosas says, “Friendly service, fair prices and fire avocado!” Krender says, “It's all been said before. But I will say as a person who has only experienced shops for the past two months that this is my favorite store. Attentive staff that seems to really care and they tend to remember their customers very well and alert them to deals and new arrivals. Wish i still lived in U district so I could visit all the time. ”