Product Review: X-tra Chz Starter Kit

X-tra Chz Starter Kit, an Oregon Legal Weed Favorite!

This Marijuana Starter Kit made me laugh when I saw it on the shelf behind the register at Terpene Station in Eugene. When I noticed the gram of weed that came in the starter kit was a Cheese strain I had never tried before, I decided to buy two of them.
For some reason, the drawing of a joint on the starter kit’s box made me think of the ridiculous 1936 anti-marijuana propaganda film Reefer Madness. I laughed again when I imagined a crazed-looking degenerate handing out marijuana Starter Kits to school children in the over-active imagination of some Harry Anslinger (see 1937 Marihuana Tax Act).

Inside the starter kit box, which slides open like a big matchbox, were two rolling papers, two cardboard filters, three strike-anywhere matches, and a pre-packaged gram of X-tra Chz cannabis (grown by Phantom Farms). X-tra Chz is a hybrid cross between Cheese #1 and Cheese Bomb. I am a huge fan of cheese strains, ever since I discovered UK Cheese, then discovered Cherry Cheese, then Blue Cheese, then Mac n Cheese, then Jack Cheddar, then Black Cherry Cheesecake... I haven’t yet found a cheese strain I didn’t enjoy. They have tremendously relaxing effects, both physically and mentally. Most of them tend toward the couch-lock side of the spectrum, but occasionally you’ll find a cheese that sparks creativity and conversation.

I put a half-gram of X-tra Chz in my grinder, rolled up a nice doobie, and fired it up. It tasted good. I really like cheese.

I enjoyed my first Marijuana Starter Kit very much, and I must admit that I am now hooked on the devil’s lettuce. My hands have started to twitch, and I have a strong urge to smoke another joint as soon as possible. Oh, well. I guess it’s all over for me now. I used to be such a nice young man….