(WASHINGTON/OREGON) Producers: Mirth Provisions

Mirth Provisions sells legal and medical pot products in Washington and Oregon

“Enjoy; it’s legal!” That is the motto at Mirth Provisions, which sells products in Oregon and Washington. Mirth Provisions is the source of yummy legal pot-infused sparkling tonics and sprays that are popular choices among pot aficionados. Tonic flavors include Rainier Cherry, Lemon Ginger, Pomegranate, and Cranberry CBD. New coffee mocha is also sure to become a big hit.

The company is highly active on Twitter where it shares a number of ways to enjoy your tonics and sprays, whether it’s with breakfast, a snack or something completely different. Pair your Legal with a bagel or your Monday morning coffee and you are good to go, says Mirth.

Legal Sparkling Tonics

Mirth Provisions stresses that their tonics are much more than pot sodas. The elixirs all feature their own unique intended feelings as well as fun ingredients. Rainier Cherry, for example, is an “elixir of fresh cherry juice and pure cannabis extract,” and it contains fresh Washington cherries and locally grown cannabis to produce a “clear-headed, focused high,” while Lemon Ginger is a “delicious fusion of tangy lemon and spicy ginger is so ridiculously relaxing that you may find yourself becoming one with your furniture.” The concoction features local cannabis extract combined with fresh ginger and lemon juice to give you “a powerful body buzz and a smooth, freeing head high.” 

Mirth says that their tonics are different from your typical sodas for three main reasons. The products feature all-natural ingredients, which many sodas cannot boast. The blends also offer consistent effects due to their careful mixology. Finally, they also arrive bottled and ready for drinking so customers do not have to measure or mix any ingredients. 

Drift Sprays

The sprays are describes as follows: “There’s nothing else like it. Drift is a fast-acting sublingual spray that gives you the ease of a vape pen without the smoke.” They are quickly becoming a favorite product as it can be carried around easily and discreetly. Mirth suggests carrying your spray, known as Drift, to the concert, party or bar while you’re out enjoying a night on the town.

Drift is used by spraying the product beneath your tongue. To get the desired effects, be sure to hold it there for at least 30 seconds. A subtle high will develop since each spray only contains 1.6 mg of THC, but that means that you can build the feeling you want as you get to know your own needs and the effects of the spray on your body. Every bottle of Drift that you purchase contains 100 mg of THC that comes from locally sourced pot. Sprays are infused into an organic, cold-extracted peppermint oil for a pleasant, cooling sensation.

Where to Buy

To find out if your store sells Mirth Provisions products, be sure to visit the Find Mirth page on the company’s website. Some of your favorite shops such as Dockside Cannabis, The Green Door Seattle and Uncle Ike’s all carry Mirth Provisions products. 


Mirth Provisions can be called at 360.519.7783 or emailed at hi@mirthprovisions.com.