(OREGON) Eugene Store Review: Flowr of Lyfe

Eugene Oregon Review Flowr of Lyfe - chat about it!

So, the other day on my way home from the grocery store I decided to stop by the dispensary to pick up a couple grams of hash…… oh my god, I can’t believe that I actually just wrote that sentence. Things really have changed for the better for stoners in some parts of the country. I’m sure that if I were to travel back in time and have a conversation with my 18-year-old self about this being a part of his future, he would not even begin to believe me. Especially if we talked right after he got busted by the state highway patrol that one time.

These days it is easy and convenient to be a complete and total stoner in states like Oregon, Washington and Colorado. Is that a bad thing? I certainly don’t think so. I know (from previous experience) that if cannabis was still illegal in my state, I would be smoking it anyway. Only now I can buy quality product from good people, without any paranoia, and without jumping through extra hoops. It is convenient and affordable. When I buy weed, I am supporting local businesses. When I buy weed, the taxes from my purchase benefit the state of Oregon. When I smoke a fat bowl of my favorite strain of cannabis safely and responsibly in my own home, it just feels good. I mean really good. Smoking weed always makes me feel good, but this just feels....right. 

Back to the topic of this article: my favorite new dispensary- Flowr of Lyfe in Eugene. This is a great weed store, located in downtown Eugene on Broadway and Olive, right next to the Bar-muda Triangle. Like I said before, I stopped in to pick up some hash on my way home from the grocery store. At the time, they had so many more choices of hash, and more affordable hash, than any dispensary I have been to. I picked up a couple grams of Pineapple Jack Hash, and some Headband/Sour D Hash. It was the bomb. I never say “the bomb.” But this shit was. I have since returned and purchased strains of quality flower such as Durban Poison, Jack Herer, Jesus OG, as well as some of the stoniest organic Sour Diesel flower I have ever smoked.

The visual layout of the shop is cool, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Their location is perfect. Next time I’m running errands downtown and feel like buying some herb, I’ll stop at Flowr of Lyfe.

Contact / Shop:
114 West Broadway Eugene, OR