Gifts for Pot Smokers

Buying gifts for your favorite pot smoker has never been easier. With the Internet at your fingertips, you can find the perfect stoner gift in minutes in your price range. Here are just a few of the top selling gifts for pot smokers available on the market that you may be interested in picking up for your favorite lover of cannabis. You might even discover something that you want for yourself.

Triple Barrel Joint Holder

Potalyzers: The New Way to Test for Pot

Since the 1950s, breathalyzers have been around to help test the breath alcohol content of drivers and other individuals who may be behaving dangerously. While many people believe that they measure BAC (blood alcohol content) levels, true BAC cannot be measured without a blood test. The Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration must approve all law enforcement devices prior to use.

Buddabox: The Subscription Box for Ganja Lovers

There is a subscription box for everything from bacon to pet toys, but there are several on the market that have been designed just for stoners. These fun subscription boxes feature everything from stickers to pipes, glass pieces to pot-infused items that are bound to make cannabis lovers smile. If you are looking for a good gift for someone who loves pot or something to surprise yourself with each month, Buddabox is one option.

Undisclosed Pesticide Use Remains a Problem among Growers

Due to growing concerns over pesticides used in cannabis growth, officials are calling for more regular testing of pot pesticides. Some undisclosed pesticides have been discovered among pot growing products that are prompting officials to take a closer look into how pot is grown for the safety of the public. Growers and sellers of these products largely are unaware of their dangers and even of the products’ content, as many of the products being used did not have the undisclosed ingredients on their product labels.

Best Herbal Vape Pens

Many pot smokers already know that using a vape pen is one of the healthiest ways to enjoy pot. Since you are smoking a vapor rather than the actual smoke, you cut down the amount of irritants that enter your lungs, preventing damage and creating a much more pleasant experience overall. Many of the byproducts in smoke make it a less enjoyable experience overall, so buying a vape pen can be one of your best investments in your recreational or medical marijuana use.

Will Medical Marijuana Put an End to Opioid Abuse?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, between 24.6 and 36million people abuse opioid drugs across the globe. Over 2 million people in the United States have substance disorders related to opioid use. The majority of these addicts did not begin as drug abusers but as people in pain. Doctors wildly prescribed some of the most addictive substances known to man to soccer parents with broken wrists and blue collar workers with job injuries only to cause an epidemic of pain prescription medication addiction across the nation.

Weed for Weight Loss

After hearing so many jokes about getting the munchies after smoking a bowl, most people might think that smoking weed leads to weight gain. Surely after all of those chocolate cookies, late night sugary cereal and snack cakes there would be at least some weight gain. But the truth is that weed may actually result in a reduction of weight instead. Researchers have discovered that daily marijuana use may lead to a lower body mass index for both men and women.

Pot Use up, Yet Drinking down for Coeds

The dangers of drinking on a college campus remain as relevant as ever, but the actual practice of drinking on campus is dwindling with the times. On any given day in the United States, 1.2 million college students engage in some kind of alcoholic drinking. While marijuana use may sound like it is much lower among coeds, with 703,759 using pot on an average day, the reality is that the use of alcohol has actually gone down while pot use has increased.

Best Videos to Watch While Baked!

Best Videos to Watch While Baked

Some people swear by a dark room with just the right music, and there will always be a spot on the dark side of the moon for any pot lover. But plenty of pot lovers prefer a good video experience while they’re baked. From children’s cartoons to Beatles productions, there always seem to be plenty of fun videos to watch while under the influence of cannabis. Here are just some favorites that pot smokers have routinely suggested over the years.