Pot Farmer Profile: Buddy Boy Farm

Although new farmers are coming up with cool, innovative ways to grow pot and make it accessible to the public, sometimes it’s nice to stick with what’s tried and true. When that tried and true source is also Clean Green certified and calls itself “The Finest Cannabis in the Universe!” you know you have to give it a try. Buddy Boy Farm has been growing for four decades with old, natural methods that make most hippies happy.

Pot Shop Profile: Trees Pot Shop

When you are searching for a marijuana shop in Seattle, one of the best options is Trees Pot Shop. Trees Pot Shop boasts a knowledgeable staff that is able to assist you with all of your questions and concerns as well as the “best price guaranteed” on recreational marijuana for ages 21 and over. Located on the corner of Greenwood Avenue and 105th, Trees Pot Shop is a bit off the trail, but most shoppers say that they keep coming back for the store’s deals and cool atmosphere.

Pot Farmer Profile: Chalice Farms

Marijuana is already a fast-growing crop that is not difficult to grow, but the farmers at Chalice Farms have mastered the process of growing it to improve upon its natural fruitfulness. Chalice Farms is known for their Perpetual Harvest Method of growing. This ensures that their products are grown year-round, no matter the weather, because they cater to the needs of their plants throughout each season. The Perpetual Harvest Method helps Chalice Farms deliver quality pot to clients all year, ensuring that no consumers go without product.

Pass the Special Brownies: Cannabis for Dessert

Although edible cannabis has been receiving some negative attention lately with a few irresponsible parents allowing their children to get a hold of their pot, using cannabis as a source of dessert or treat is a time honored tradition. Stoners fondly remember the first time they ate a “special brownie,” cookie, or other baked good laden with THC. Today there are entire cookbooks devoted only to dessert pot. Check off the types that you have tried and make plans to try something new soon.

Pot Shop Profile: Canna King Marijuana Dispensaries

Whether you’re shopping for medical or recreational pot, Canna King Marijuana Dispensaries in Roseburg, Oregon has what you are looking for. The shop carries only indoor grown meds that are grown locally and organically and insists that their buds are of the plumpest variety, containing only the highest THC content.  Canna King is home to a team of knowledgeable budtenders who are ready to answer questions and provide quality care to patients and recreational smokers alike.

Pot Farm Profile: Maggie’s Farm

Touring a pot farm is one of the most exciting opportunities among the benefits of legalized marijuana. One of the most popular farms in Colorado is Maggie’s Farm, one of the leading outdoor growers of both medical and recreational marijuana. Maggie’s Farm is Clean Green Certified, which is the equivalent of organic when it comes to marijuana farming. Hailed as the “most awarded cannabis company in Southern Colorado,” Maggie’s Farm is beloved for quality of product as well as the fun of simply visiting the farm.

Pot Shop Profile: Uncle Ike’s

Where can you get low-level THC products for $5, access to an ATM on site AND bring your dog in for pet-friendly shopping? Uncle Ike’s pot shop in Seattle is the place to go. One of the most popular places to get your ganja on, it offers a wide variety of products and offers as well as a warm, inviting atmosphere. Voted the best pot shop in the city, Uncle Ike’s offers, free parking and multiple locations make it a favorite among cannabis fans all over Washington.

Pot Beverages

Whether you’ve tried jerky, cookies or any of the many other edible pot products available on the market, if you haven’t tried a ganja beverage you may still be in for an entire new world. Drinking pot may not sound as enjoyable as eating or smoking weed, but some cannabis lovers profuse to love their pot drinks and their relaxation properties much better than, say, a beer.

Fizzy Drinks

How to Find the Right Budtender

When you are first getting started on your marijuana journey, medical or otherwise, you will need to rely on a budtender to help you make decisions about the pot you purchase. Seasoned smokers may not require as much help as newbies, but everyone should make an effort to find a tender who is ganja wise enough to offer the best advice about strains to try, the various products available and their effects. A good budtender should also be able to make recommendations based on what you want as far as both products and accessories go.