Ea Glass

By J.Toker

Whenever I visit Portland, I try to stop at Elemental Arts to pick up a new pipe from my longtime favorite glassblower, Ea Glass. The beautiful colors and interesting shapes, in addition to the pure practicality of his smoking pieces, always bring this glassblower to mind when I’m in need of a new smoking utensil. Ea Glass produces fine pipes, bubblers, and oil rigs for concentrates.

Cannavore Salted Caramel Chews

By J.Toker

The flavor of Cannavore Salted Caramel Chews is fantastic. Very salty, and very sweet. The texture is softer than most store-bought caramels. Although it isn’t printed on the package, Cannavore’s website, states that TJ’s Durban Poison, which is one of my favorite Sativa strains, is what they use in all of their edibles. Perfect!

Gateway Drug No More

Marijuana users across the nation are saying, “I told you so!” over the comments made by U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Lynch admitted that the drug’s reputation as a “gateway drug,” or a drug that opened up the gate toward other harder drugs for individuals, has been “overstated” in the debate against drug use across the nation.

Pot Shop Profile: Stash

Some pot shops just want to make a quick sale. Others, like Stash, have the bigger picture in mind. At Stash, community, culture and cannabis are at the heart of the shop. “These are the core ideals of Stash Pot Shop. We strive to change the stigma and outdated dialogue surrounding cannabis culture, and help usher in a new era of normalized cannabis use.” Stash informs the public about marijuana with handouts, links about the laws and effects of the drug and handy FAQ guides for newbies.

Pot Farm Profile: Life Gardens

At Life Gardens, growing cannabis is a way of life. The company’s vision “is to build a Washington cannabis brand that will set the standard for the world’s finest marijuana and processed products; top shelf cannabis at an affordable price.” Among the team, there is a combined 100 years of experience, giving the farm the kind of knowledge and skills that are required for the most quality product possible.

Pot Shop Profile: Nectar

When you’re in the market for quality pot in Oregon, one fantastic option is Nectar, one of the largest dispensary chains in the state. At Nectar, the goal is “to consistently grow high-grade cannabis with only the most exceptional aroma, flavor and effects.” Priding themselves on customer service, low prices, and having knowledgeable budtenders that can answer all of your questions with expertise, Nectar is a company that offers fresh and pure products that will satisfy all of your cannabis needs.

Pot Farmer Profile: Green Barn Farms

When it comes to growing weed, some farmers set the bar so high that their products seem to get better every year. At Green Barn Farms Cannabis Farmers Cooperative, that is the name of the game. The cooperative enforces a unique “Way Beyond Organic, Sun Grown Cannabis” policy that highlights the use of sustainable growing as their main requirement, but also employs the use of cutting edge technology to remain on top of the latest tips and tricks while still growing with actual sunlight.