Pot Shop Profile: Green Front Dispensary

Also known as “the people’s cannabis,” Green Front Dispensary offers farm-direct flowers for your pot pleasure. With a regularly updated menu, convenient shop in Portland and an on-site ATM, the shop has everything to satisfy your cannabis needs whether they be for pleasure or medical reasons. They hail themselves as the place where you can get “the best green for the least green.” The shop is also the first one in Oregon to offer pre-order services to customers in the local area.

Seattle Pot Shop Profile: Ganja Goddess

Known as Seattle’s premier recreational marijuana shop, Ganja Goddess is set up like a fine jewelry store, displaying your favorite marijuana products like they are prized possessions. In fact, the shop is “taking cannabis to a new high,” according to the shop’s own slogan. The high-end cannabis store offers a wide selection of buds, edibles and other pot products to help fulfill your cravings and needs.

Weed Product Review: CannaCola

Canna Cola

Medical marijuana pop. Soda that delivers cannabis. What a revolutionary thought! Canna Cola is “the world’s most recognized brand in medical marijuana.” The product is a tasty, THC-infused beverage available in multiple flavors that is designed to deliver medical marijuana to patients in a nontraditional and enjoyable way. Their products, which come in 12 ounce bottles, are available in all MMJ states. Canna Cola t-shirts and gear are available online as well.

Seattle Pot Store Review Cannabis City

Many different shops call themselves the original cannabis store in Washington, but Cannabis City holds the claim to fame as being Seattle’s original cannabis shop. The store is open every day from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM. The shop carries a wide variety of strains plus paraphernalia and swag for all of your needs. Cannabis City operates under the direction of its “mayor,” Dr. James R. Lathrop. A doctor of nursing practice, he is an entrepreneur who holds board certification credentials as a family nurse practitioner.

Main Street Marijuana

It’s the top selling marijuana shop in Washington State for the past two years. Main Street Marijuana is located in Vancouver, Washington and has been selling pot since July of 2014 to the Washington community. Main Street Marijuana is known for its lighthearted take on the industry. “We aim to bring our customers a genuine, fun and engaging retail experience with a product selection that includes more than 250 items, and all strains under $15 a gram.

Pot Shop Profile: Herbal Nation

Several things make Herbal Nation a special place to get your ganja on, but one of the biggest things that sets it apart is that it’s open until midnight every night. It opens at 8:00 like many other pot shops, but the extra hour helps a lot when you are busy or working late and need to squeeze a quick trip in before heading home. Herbal Nation welcomes customers with the message that they strive “to wholeheartedly satisfy each individual that walks into our store.

Pot Shop Profile: New Vansterdam

It’s the biggest retailer of recreational marijuana in the state of Washington. New Vansterdam is a cannabis market with just about every kind of pot product you could ever want on the shelves. They carry over 3,000 different products to help satisfy your cannabis needs, whether you are looking for quality buds, oils, pre-rolls, edibles or concentrates.

Drawbacks to Legalization

The benefits of legalizing both recreational and medicinal marijuana are too plentiful to be ignored, but even some well-known pot growers are against legalization for a variety of reasons. Although decriminalization will result in more freedom, increased revenue, thousands of lives saved from jail time and a plethora of other benefits, some growers insist that further involving the feds will only make things worse.