Great Weed Games to Play

Whether it’s your birthday, a holiday or just time to blow off some steam, it’s always a good time to play a weed game. Sure, you can play any game while you smoke. Ask any stoner who’s played Mario Kart, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Street Fighter or Ridiculous Fishing while high how it went and you’re bound to get a knowing nod of approval. But there are actual pot-themed games that you can play and as cheesy and silly as some of them are, they are must-trys for anyone who loves weed.

Enjoying Cannabis as a Couple

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Just in case you’ve forgotten, every pink, red and white store display should give you a nudge in that direction. While the saccharine holiday isn’t for everyone, celebrating love and companionship is for most people no matter the day of the year. If couples who smoke weed together stay together, all the more reason to plan some fun cannabis activities together as a pair, don’t you think? Here are a few ideas to get you and your sweetie started.

Tips for Growing Weed

Growers are becoming more excited by the day as more states legalize not only the possession of pot but the growing of the plants as well. Although still illegal in most states, some states do allow a few plants per person or household. Growing weed may seem simple but, as with any crop, a few tips and tricks can help your crop flourish. Here are just a few things that seasoned pot growers recommend for any grower, whether you’re a newb or have plenty of years under your belt.

Famous People Arrested for Possession

They may not stay in jail for long—if at all—but plenty of celebs you know (and maybe even admire) have been busted at some point or another for possessing pot. As we all know, possessing pot is one of the most ridiculous offenses on the books, especially given that alcohol and cigarettes cause so much more harm than weed while they remain fully legal (with some exceptions).

Yummy Weed Mug Cake Recipes

Like making those cute little mug cakes for dessert? They are perfect for single servings and a quick sugar fix, but did you know that you can also make them into marijuana edibles with a few tweaks? You can obviously substitute your butter with cannabutter, but here are some more specific recipes to try if you would like to sample some yummy weed mug cakes.

Period Pain Begone with Pot Tampons

For years, women have been arguing that pads, tampons and other feminine hygiene products be improved in various ways. While the cup, reusable pads, underwear with built-in protection and other inventions have made some headway in this department, there are still so many things that can be done. How about pads that come with chocolates or pain killers? How about pads that actually tackle the pain of period cramping themselves?

More Pot Use Does Not Mean More Teen Pot Use

One of the main arguments that many naysayers use against legalizing pot is that its legal status will lead to teens abusing the drug illegally. Even if the argument were a valid one, would teen abuse of pot be worse than teens abusing alcohol or cigarettes? Nobody seems to care about that point, but there’s new evidence to prove that it’s not even a valid concern to begin with: increased use of legalized marijuana has not led to an increase in teen use.