Product Review: Glass Bong by Special K

I bought a new bong this week. I also realized that now when I am in a head shop looking at bongs, I can actually refer to them as bongs. I can still call them water pipes, but I can also call them bongs now, if I want to. Because smoking The Marijuana out of a bong is now legal in Oregon, as long as I do it at home. So that’s pretty cool. Bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong.

Store Review: Oregon Medigreen

I enjoy vising new dispensaries. It is a pleasure buying cannabis from nice people in a cool shop devoted to my favorite thing: legal marijuana. And because I spent almost a decade working in the food & beverage industry, and in sales, I really appreciate dispensaries with great customer service. That is why my new favorite pot store is Oregon Medigreen.

Product Review: Dave’s Space Cakes

I’ve always wanted to try space cakes, ever since I first learned what they are. It must have been in High Times where I first read about space cakes being served in Amsterdam coffee shops. As a young stoner, living deep in the heart of prohibition America, I dreamed of vacationing in Amsterdam. I saw myself exploring the city, visiting all of the different coffee shops, eating space cakes, and smoking a little bit of every strain of marijuana available. Ever since Oregon legalized marijuana a couple years ago, that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing with my weekends.

Product Review: Cascadia Herbals Strain Specific Tincture

I recently stopped eating sugar, except for the occasional marijuana edible chocolate or gummy. I’ve considered trying a tincture to replace the edibles, to get completely off sugar for a while. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find a strain-specific tincture, so that I would know just what I’m taking. When I saw the bottle of Blue Dream tincture by Cascadia Herbals, I made an impulse buy.

Farm Profile: 2 Vices Farms

2 Vice Farms was started a year ago by Sam Elkington and Tony Cross. Sam would regularly go to drink beer at one of the Filling Stations Tony owns. That was where they met, and started to talk more and more about partnering up to grow quality medical marijuana. After kicking around the idea for about year, they decided to move ahead with the partnership. They formed 2 Vices Farms and began growing excellent cannabis on Tony’s land near Eugene.

CBD Oil: Medicine, Not Hard Drugs

Pot lovers have been meeting the wave of legalization across America with mixed emotions. Some are thrilled that they are no longer criminalized for holding a small amount of pot, smoking a joint in the comfort of their own homes or even growing a few plants on their property. Others worry that with legalization will come strict regulations that put organic pot farmers out of business. Some also fret that the government will step in and make it harder on pot users overall with new laws despite legalization.

Weed Bibliophiles Bucket List

Whether you are embarking on a new annual reading challenge at Goodreads, creating your own book bucket list for 2017 or you just want to learn more about cannabis, there is a plethora of books published about pot to choose from. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it’s a good starting point to get you better acquainted with cannabis this year through your reading habits.

The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis by Julie Holland, MD

Savory Cannabutter and Weed Foods

When you mention edible marijuana, most people think of baked goods—brownies, chocolate chip cookies, blondies, what have you. Some may even think about candies, chocolates and even sweet beverages that are available on the market. Most people don’t think about infusing their regular meals with weed, but lots of people do that on a regular basis. Sure, you can use your typical sweet cannabutter recipe for cinnamon rolls and cake, but what will you do when you want some marijuana content in, say, your soup?

Cannabis Oils 101

After the DEA made cannabis oil a Schedule I drug in a recent, undercover move that has left pot enthusiasts fuming, oils and concentrates are back in the limelight, under public scrutiny. If the government says something is harmful for you, after all, doesn’t that mean you should be wary of it (paying no heed to the chemicals in everything from foods to personal care products to pesticides that foreign governments have outlawed but the United States says are A-OK)? Unfortunately that’s just not always the case.