Public Marijuana Use

Public Marijuana Use

It’s coming. Public marijuana use may not be legal in most areas of the United States just yet, but between public pressure and standard logic, it will be eventually. Proponents of being able to enjoy weed in public make a huge point that cannot be denied: smoking remains legal in many public spaces. If individuals cannot opt out of being around secondhand smoke, why is pot any different?

MedSpoon: Your Source for Pot Recipes, Cooking Tips and More

Ever wished that you could watch a cooking show totally devoted to pot? Sure, there are individuals who make videos from time to time, but an entire network would be nice. Enter MedSpooon, a website devoted to assisting you with your edible marijuana needs. Designed for both educating about cooking with pot as well as helping you share your own knowledge, it’s your one stop site for cooking with pot.


Dixie Elixers Quench Your Thirst and Cannabis Cravings

By triple-testing every single batch of product, carefully employing CO2 extraction and branding their products in sleek, beautiful packaging, Dixie Elixers has quickly grown into one of the most popular cannabis brands available in America, becoming a name brand among edible lovers in states like California where Dixie is sold. From chocolate bars to tasty elixirs, mints to “dew drop” infusions, Dixie has taken edibles to an entirely new level, satisfying customer cravings with some of the most innovative products on the market.

(OREGON) Pot Shop Profile: Puddletown Organics

If you are in the market for some medical or recreational marijuana in the Portland area, you need to check out Puddletown Organics. Located on Powell Boulevard, Puddletown not only has the coolest dispensary name of all time, but they’ve been in business for three years, so they know their stuff. Locally owned and operated, Puddletown prides itself on knowledgeable, friendly staff, using local growers and vendors, and its spacious show room. They like to say, “Welcome to Puddletown Organics. When it rains, we’ve got strains!”

Extreme Weed Trivia and Facts

Maybe you like to enjoy weed from time to time, but how many cool facts do you know about the drug? Sure, you may know that George Washington grew pot on his farm, but most people grew hemp back then. Did you know that the first thing sold online was a bag of weed? Stump your friends, create a trivia game or just add to your vault of fun but sometimes useless knowledge with these extreme weed facts and trivia answers.

Washington’s Pot

The Effects of Weed on You

Most people should know by now that although pot can have some negative effects on your brain and body, the truth is that it’s more benign than some legal drugs, like cigarettes and alcohol. Given that it is the most popular drug in the world and there are very few deaths associated with it (and those that have been recorded are typically due to engaging in foolish behavior while under the influence anyway), you have to wonder just how harmful it can be. The problem, of course, is that research on pot has been severely limited due to the drug’s illegal nature.

Pot Pranks

While it’s never a good idea to prank someone by stealing, replacing or hiding their weed, there have been some funny and classic pot pranks over the years. From pranking pot smokers to using the word pot subjectively, there are all kinds of ways you can pull a marijuana prank on your friends and community members. Use common sense while you plan your prank. You may want to take a page out of these great pot pranks.

The Best Pot

Cannabis for First-Timers

If your state just legalized weed and you are excited to try marijuana for the first time, you’re not alone. There are citizens of several states where cannabis is now decriminalized anxious to finally try pot legally. Some first timers may not know what to expect, but luckily there is information available from long-time smokers to help you out. Do your research before you decide when, where and what to smoke for the first time with these helpful hints and tips.

Your Miles May Vary

Product Review: RSO by Suburban Gardens

I kept hearing people saying “RSO, RSO, RSO. It’s amazing! It treats everything! It treats cancer, it treats neurological disorders, it treats seizure disorders, it treats pain and insomnia. It will make your life better!”  For those unfamiliar with this acronym, RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil, and it is made by reducing cannabis in a solvent solution, concentrating the cannabinoids into an oil that is ingested. When I first received my OMMP card last year, I decided to try some.