(WA) Pot Shop Profile: Ocean Greens

Fun, whimsical, knowledgeable and quality: these are terms you might use to describe the brightly colored and lit (heh) pot shop known as Ocean Greens, where it’s always 420. It’s one of the most well known pot shops in Seattle, where you can find over 150 strains of pot at low prices, a friendly, funky atmosphere and your favorite pot products like edibles and concentrates.

Pot Shop Profile Grass & Glass

When you’re looking for pot in Lake City, one of the best places to visit is Grass & Glass. Priding itself on its knowledgeable staff, Grass & Glass features an updated, daily online menu for your shopping convenience. The store features an on-site ATM (and accepts only cash) and free parking. The shop carries flowers as well as many of your other pot needs. Like any other pot shop in the area, Grass & Glass enforces the rule that all patrons must be at least 21 years of age to enter the shop and make purchases.

A Romantic, Weedy Valentine’s Dinner

You’ve got the gifts, the candles, the rose petals, the tunes. What about your Valentine’s Day meal? If part of your big V-Day plans includes getting stoned together, you’re in luck. The following recipes from The Cannabist will help you create a fun, romantic meal that you will both remember, and if you want to include canna butter or oil for some relaxing fun, be sure to do so if it’s legal where you live.

Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Awesome Cannabis Blogs to Follow

We know Ganjarama is your favorite source for all things pot, but lots of us enjoy reading about the latest pot news and perspectives from a wide variety of sources. If you want to fill your blog reader with some great ganja blogs, here are some you may want to think about following. None of these blogs necessarily represent the views here at Ganjarama, but we find them interesting and think you might, too.

The Weed Blog

Awesome Cannabis Twitter Feeds to Follow

If you’re on Twitter, you know how addictive the social media giant can be. From photos to videos, funny memes to great deals, it’s hard to look away when everything’s right there in your face in 140 characters or less, amirite? If you are a ganja lover, you have to make sure you’re following some of the best pot sources online on Twitter. Not only will you stay in the loop about pot laws, news and legalization, but you can also find great deals, photos of the coolest new buds to try and the funniest pot jokes on the Internet. Don’t believe us?

Free Joints for Civil Disobedience

No matter who you vote for, change can always create tension. Even if you don’t care about elections in the least, it’s always fun to find an excuse to get high anyway, right? DCMJ, “A community for cannabis users, growers and their families,” held their own event on inauguration day. Dubbed #Trump420, the event pretty much just entailed a lot of free weed—8,000 free joints handed out during the event, to be precise. Hundreds of people lined to get their free joints during that morning.

Great Ganja Gifts for Valentine’s Day

It’s coming up, folks. It’s the holiday you either love or dread, often depending upon your Facebook relationship status that particular year. Valentine’s Day can be a fun time even if you’re single and dating, but it’s usually most fun for lovers who want to get together, get naked and smoke some weed. Or dance under the stars and smoke weed. Or build a fort, toss in some glow sticks and smoke… you get the idea. If you’re the kind of ganja-loving couple who enjoys exchanging gifts, here are some great ideas for Valentine’s Day this year.

Must-Hear Long Songs for Stoners

When you’re enjoying a relaxing evening, whether alone or with friends, and you want to just veg out with your weed, some music can really enhance the whole experience. Many songs take on a whole new world once you plug a bit of weed into the equation. Too many quirky songs are too short for a good high, though. Fortunately there are lots of longer songs, instrumental or otherwise, that compliment your good time quite nicely. Here are just a few great songs to get the party started.

Things to Know About Weed and Your Rights

You already know that you have to be 21 to buy weed where it’s legal. You also know that each state has its own laws about whether or not you need a medical card, if it’s okay to grow pot or not and other specific laws. But there are always new laws passing and rulings being issued that change the way we smoke, depending on where we live and if we don’t want to face a fine or worse! Here are some recent weed rulings that you need to be aware of if you’re going to indulge in pot in the areas in which they pertain.

The Pot Sales Tax Conundrum

Legalizing weed is beneficial to communities in several different ways, but the most popular way, especially in terms of naysayers, is in the tax revenue generated by marijuana sales. With over $1 billion raised in Colorado alone, the government can no longer moan about pot sales taking the nation down the tubes when its very tax revenue generated may remedy dozens of fiscal concerns.